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This job expired on September 16, 2017

Lead Buyer Woodstock Farmers' Market

  • Date Posted July 18, 2017
  • Location Woodstock, VT
  • Category Business / Culinary
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description

The Woodstock Farmers Market is a bustling year round fresh market of fantastic food which generates over $8 million in annual sales. We are a classic “small giant”:  while our footprint is modest, we have created a dynamic fresh foods market with many facets:  from our varied national and regional specialty products and our commitment to local produce and meats to our prepared foods kitchen and catering department to our innovative open book finance system and our service crazy staff. 

We are a member of the Good Food Mercantile and a Good Food Retail Collaborative Member (one of only 21 retailers around the country), the Specialty Food Association (and Patrick our Chairman of Fun sits on the SFA Retail Council), the Vermont Fresh Network, Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, Vermont Cheese Council and sundry other organizations. 

Job description

The Grocery Department is one of the largest departments at WFM, grossing over $2 million/year.  It comprises specialty groceries shipped directly to us from small vendors from across the country, everyday grocery items purchased from larger distributors—and everything in between.   Our staff includes receivers, stockers, bulkers, buyers and merchandisers.  There is never a dull moment with over 15,000 items coming in (and many hopefully going out!) the door at any given point during the year. We rely heavily on our inventory system called ECRS and work very closely with our Cashiering Department in regards to giving our customers amazing service 24/7.  The Grocery Department also is responsible for Dairy and Bread sales and works closely with Wine and Beer sales/merchandising.


Department Mission:

To provide our customers with the best selection of quality delicious, interesting products that we feel great about; to offer these products at the best price that we can; to promote customer education through extensive sampling and informative signs; to be comfortably profitable; and to provide consistently cheerful, helpful service that allows our guests to leave happy and satisfied every time they shop.


Specific Duties:

A Lead Buyer helps maintain our mission through engagement at all levels of the buying process: keeping an eye on pricing and promotions; looking out for new and exciting products; reading literature and keeping on top of trends; forging relationships with vendors; actively planning with the leadership team; and communicating with everybody.   

  • Attending food shows.
  • Checking in orders.  Understanding the language of an invoice. Understanding flow of work from ordering products, to accurately receiving products, to pricing to merchandising/signage.
  • Generating purchase orders.
  • Pricing new products accurately in ECRS data system.  Making appropriate signage.   
  • Changing prices of current items in ECRS data system. Making appropriate signage change.   
  • Running Sales/Item Movement reports in ECRS data system.
  • Handling all credits from deliveries, making sure all credits are accounted for.  
  • Daily task setting and motivation.  This is a supervisory position.
  • Putting together a thoughtful schedule for staff.  
  • Executing daily “exit meetings” discussing daily orders, pricing, returns and strategy for the next day. 
  • Placing orders with wholesalers, distributors and smaller direct manufacturers/food artisans.
  • Executing great signage, merchandising and promotion of products. Juggling the ebb and flow of products and the merchandising/display needs of the store.
  • Planning weeks and months ahead for in-store and calendar promotions.
  • Comprehending, appreciating and executing the complexities of cross merchandising.
  • Servicing guests by naturally suggesting products to customers as they weave their way around the marketing. 
  • Setting up demos/events with vendors.
  • Attending weekly Leadership meetings.


Our Needs/Qualifications:

A Lead Buyer at WFM must have outstanding planning and organizational skills as well as a great eye for display. They must possess an excellent grasp of finance, costing, and pricing.   This position requires motivating others and directing people.

  • Several years’ buying experience in a retail environment, preferably food.  
  • Several years’ experience in a retail role of creating and making displays for sale.
  • Experience checking in products as they enter a store.
  • Outstanding math skills/computer skills:  must work with Excel spreadsheets and as well as have some background using a main inventory computer/register system.  Ideally this person would have experience with our ECRS inventory system.
  •  Heavy lifting of 40 lb or more is required.  Physical stamina is expected with much bending, lifting and walking during the entire work shift.
  • Love of Service – Actively looking for ways to help people and enjoying it.  Frequent sales occur during daily floor time and our customers love suggestions and new product ideas. 
  • Excellent Day Planning and Long Range Planning Skills.   Our Grocery Team plans out months in advance and great planning and organizational skills are necessary.  Understanding the daily and weekly prep lists and the prioritization of tasks is critical too, as is communicating this to a team.
  • Outstanding Organization Skills – He/she must prioritize projects and keep them moving forward while communicating this to a team of people.  Must understand how to be an effective scheduler of staff.  Must maintain supplies for department
  • Being Graceful in Difficult Situations:  Having a personality that is able to naturally handle tough news and being able to turn a difficult one into a win for the Market.

Time Commitment:  This is a full time job. We estimate about 40-45 hours/week.  At least one weekend day is required. Holidays and summer time are our busiest times and require planning and commitment.   Early morning (6:30 AM) shifts and early evening shifts (till 8 pm) are required but most hours will be middle of the day shifts—8-4, 9-5, 10-6 for example.

Education: At least 3 years work experience within the food industry or retail is required. High School or GED degree is necessary.  Ideally, experience purchasing foods or perishables is preferred.

Compensation/Hiring Guide: $    ______/hour, possible salary, depending on qualifications and experience.  Simple IRA, Health Insurance, market lunch every day, 20% staff discount, earned time off.

Compensation this position is : salaried, less than 50k Application instructions
This job expired on September 16, 2017
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