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This job expired on February 18, 2018

Farm Intern or Farm Manager Broad River Pastures

  • Date Posted December 20, 2017
  • Location Elberton, GA
  • Category Agriculture / Education
  • Job Type Internship/Apprentice
Company Description
We are a family farm close to seeking a full time farm manager. Location is near Athens, Georgia, a vibrant farm to table community. We are willing to  train chefs that are wanting to experience farm life and learn new skills. All backgrounds will be considered. The position begins January 20, 2018.

We focus on the preservation and breeding of American Guinea hogs, a rare heritage southern breed. We also raise pastured chicken and duck layers with bright, glossy, orange yolks.

We produce nutrient-dense food for a small CSA, to an online market, and to local farm to table restaurants. We connect people to their food through presentations, farm tours, Facebook, Instagram, podcast interviews, and articles. We educate people about local, sustainable farming, and inspire others to do their part to raise clean, local food and support their local farmers.

Our gardens thrive using organic methods. We make our own biodynamic compost and garden with hand tools using a no-till method. We mix our own minerals and grow year round. Our specialties include root crops - ginger, turmeric, sunchokes, horseradish, sweet potatoes,  yellow potatoes, purple and blue potatoes, onions, and garlic. We also grow medicinal plants for medicine makers.

You can learn more about us and what we do on a daily basis by checking out three sites: www.broadriverpastures.com; www.facebook.com/broadriverpastures; https://www.instagram.com/p/94StiBkc4L/. 
Job Description
Our Farm Manager/Apprentice position is open February 1, 2018, and we are accepting applications today. We are seeking a motivated person with ambition who takes initiative and accepts responsibility. The farm manager/intern will take over daily livestock and garden chores after a training period. This is a woman-owned farm. Applicants of all genders are welcome. We will give you close supervision and guided practice while you are learning new routines, and opportunities with little to no supervision as skills are mastered. Safety for people and animals is a focus and priority on the farm. Preference is given to someone ready to commit to 8-9 months to this opportunity.

Desirable traits include good oral and written communication skills, a positive attitude, flexibility, love of animals, responsible work ethic, and appreciation of delicious pastured meat, eggs, vegetables, and herbs. We are isolated in a bucolic, agricultural community, surrounded by a rural church, tree farm, and wooded riverside property under trust. The area has clean air and water and is 40 miles from shopping and heavily populated areas. We have breath-taking sunrises, sunsets, moon rises, rainbows, and views of the Milky Way. The privacy and isolation out here offer a wonderful retreat from noisy urban or busy suburban life. The farm is safely secure, fenced, and gated with two full time Livestock Guardian Dogs, one English Shepherd, two barn cats, and a house cat in residence. Our working animals are part of Team BRP. Our intern manager needs to be motivated and dependable.

We offer boarding on the farm in a private, furnished, clean and comfortable apartment. Boarding is paid biweekly in advance and is deducted from your bimonthly salary. Included with boarding is a clean and comfortable room, a queen sized bed, dishes, pots and pans, linens for bedroom and bath, high-speed internet, a well stocked kitchen, heating, air conditioning, electricity, filtered well water, trash pick up, recycling, organic coffee, paper products, and non-toxic cleaning supplies. We provide dinner once a week at our planning meeting and send you home with a ration of meat, eggs, and vegetables from the farm. You are responsible for cooking other meals, keeping the apartment clean, reporting any problems, and purchasing your own groceries. This is comfortable, clean, and safe housing. Every three months the apartment will be professionally cleaned.

Physical labor involving feeding, watering, moving, and restraining livestock, loading and unloading feed bags, hauling hay, making compost, and planting, watering, harvesting, and marketing crops. Other responsibilities include driving the tractor, picking up supplies in the farm truck, attaching hitches, and pulling livestock shelters from paddock to paddock for grazing rotations. You will also maintain hoses and attachments, assist in keeping records and making observations of livestock, tracking the need to order feed, etc. Humane care of and safety protocols regarding animals are a high priority. Clear communication, respect for property, and following safety protocol is expected. The intern is able to self-pace the work load given with clear priorities for the week. In other words, flexible scheduling around weather, etc.

Learning opportunities
We have many opportunities to enhance your learning. These include one to one mentoring, immersion, demonstrations, weekly meetings with feedback, planning, goal setting, farm visits, discounted farm conferences, agricultural workshops, access to farming magazines, and a complete library of agricultural topics.

Must have health insurance, reliable transportation, a valid drivers license, be a permanent U.S. resident, have good health and stamina, adequate life and work experience, work references, and a positive attitude. Smokers need not apply, as our farm is a smoke-free zone. We cannot accommodate any pets or children for this opportunity. You must come to the farm for a face to face interview. Clear oral and written communication skills are a must. References will be checked. Our major product is pork, and we promote pastured pork and lard as healthy foods.

Most weeks you will work approximately 40 hours. However, we work around weather and daylight hours.  Some tasks are time sensitive, such as tending a sick animal or getting things tended before a storm. Weather can affect the ability to complete tasks. During long hours of summer sun we start early, break during the day, and finish late. In winter we start later and end earlier with only a lunch break. We adjust hours around weather and light. Additional time off for scheduled special events or holidays can be given by arrangement. The salary is Georgia minimum wage or higher. We will pay into social security, medicare, and state and local taxes for a committed manager.

Compensation this position is PAID: salaried, less than 50k How to apply
This job expired on February 18, 2018
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