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Recipe Writer and Content Manager Nibble Apps

  • Date Posted August 04, 2020
  • Location Anywhere
  • Category Culinary
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description Nibble Apps is a small, UK based company behind some of the best selling food and drink apps in the App Store. Our mission is to make healthy eating easy and personalised.

Our most popular app is called MealPrepPro. MealPrepPro gives users a healthy weekly meal plan, personalised to their goals and preferences. We offer plans for plant-based, vegetarian, pescatarian, mediterranean, keto and omnivore diets.

Trust and caring are some of our core company values. We donate 1% of MealPrepPro sales to good causes chosen by our team. Job description

We're making healthy eating easy.

Three years ago we launched our app MealPrepPro.

MealPrepPro gives users a healthy weekly meal plan customised to their calories, goals and preferences.

At the heart of MealPrepPro is the idea of meal prep. We encourage customers to prepare enough food so that they have leftovers. Making it easier for the healthy option to be the default option.

In the past three years the app has grown at breakneck speed. On day 1 we had 104 recipes. Now, two years later, we have over 900 recipes along with plans for vegetarians, pescatarians, keto and plant-based diets.

Through a combination of analytics, along with feedback from customers we've learned which recipes our users love. Our challenge is to line up the elements and create healthy recipes that are:

  1. Delicious
  2. Practical - using everyday ingredients and kitchen equipment.
  3. Realistic - so you can be in and out the kitchen.
  4. Easy to follow - with a few, well thought out and clearly explained steps.
  5. Meal prep friendly - can be prepared in advance and will keep refrigerated for a couple of days.

Aside from delivering amazing recipes, MealPrepPro also offers a highly personalised plan. The app takes in to account a users lifestyle, preferences and priorities.

We are now launching new recipes, new plans and bringing more personalisation.

That's where you come in!


The magic in the role is in really understanding our customers. Everyday users don't have an enormous pantry, a limitless budget and the knife skills of a trained chef. They're short on time and want to eat delicious meals, without spending hours in the kitchen.

The three main parts of the role are organising, writing and testing new recipes.

This means lots of time in the kitchen, testing and improving recipes our users will love. It also means being able to plan ahead and build a realistic content schedule that aligns with the company goals.

Once a recipe is perfected in the kitchen, you'll write mouth-watering recipe introductions and a set of steps that are easy to follow. When the recipe is ready, you'll create a brief for the photographers and work with them to ensure the images fit our style. You'll then input recipes into our database and coordinate with marketing to promote our new content.

The kind of recipes you'll write will vary depending on the plan; if you're writing a recipe for the Mediterranean plan, you may write a healthy version of a lasagna, keeping a close eye on the number of ingredients and steps. A recipe for our high protein plans, will in addition, need to fit specific nutritional goals. We collect recipe feedback inside the app, you will use this feedback to guide new content and refine existing recipes.

Testing and improving recipes means critically thinking about questions such as:

  • Is this recipe meal prep friendly? Are the ingredients affordable? Is this an instruction that will be understood by customers in the US as well as the UK? Is there a way I can make this recipe easier to follow? Is the time it takes to make this recipe really worth it?

Longer term, you're responsibilities will grow to managing a team of recipe writers and content producers. You'll work closely with our marketing team to build a strong understanding of our customers, their challenges and their successes.

  • You're organised, detail oriented and creative.
  • You know your way around a kitchen.
  • You have strong IT skills too.
  • You understand cooking techniques but you'll often compromise authenticity in favor of simplicity.
  • You have experience measuring, timing and documenting every part of the cooking process.
  • You have an understanding of nutrition.
  • You know that healthy isn't one size fits all and respect everyone's unique approach to health.
  • You've worked in a test kitchen environment and you've written recipes before.
  • You care about helping customers eat healthy through easy to follow meals.
  • You want to constantly learn: About nutrition, about making healthy eating easy, about our customers.
  • You want to continuously improve what you're doing.
  • You want to work in a small team where it's clear what's expected of you and you're trusted to deliver.


MealPrepPro offers a range of meal plans and you'll need to be comfortable testing ingredients including meat, fish, dairy, onions etc.

You will need a well equipped kitchen for recipe testing. 


REMOTE: This is a remote job. You will be on a full time freelancer contract. Pay is based on experience.

FLEXIBLE: You will be required to work core hours each week but you will have flexibility in how you manage your schedule.

FREE: All ingredients will be paid for so you will have minimal personal grocery expenses.

HOLIDAYS: You will have a large degree of flexibility on annual leave, 28 days is standard.

We invite applicants from the East Coast of the US and Canada. We also welcome english speaking applicants from Europe. This is to achieve time zone overlap with the rest of the team.

Compensation this position is : contract Location job can be done remotely Application instructions Please click here to sign in and view application details.
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