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Job Posters: Pay What You Can!  Contact us to learn more.
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Caretaker/ Handyman/ Facilities Greenhorns / Smithereen Farm

  • Date Posted September 09, 2020
  • Location Pembroke, ME
  • Category Agriculture / Education
  • Job type Part-Time
Company description

Greenhorns is a 13 year old grassrooots organization based in Downeast Maine.  We work to create a welcoming and hospitable culture for new entrants in sustainable agriculture. We have made films, radio, guidebooks, parties+trainings, almanacs, anthologies, song collections, exhibits, mixers, art-stunts and trans-media collaboratives that defy classification.

We are a community powered studio dedicated to grassroots media, cultural programming and land repair for the benefit of the human and non-human worlds.

Our various programs and projects address the practical and social concerns of those in their first years farming, we emphasize restorative land-practices, skill-building, networking and dialogue.

Job description
Caretaker Position:
RURAL MAINE. Year round caretaker/ superintendent/ buildings manager/deep ecologist for small-town campus ( 7 properties, 9 buildings, 2 farms) of agricultural publishing non-profit and organic farm business.  
Compensation includes use of 3 bedroom house on the Pennamaquan River, woodshop and tools, storage shed/ boatshop, woodlot. We are also about to purchase more equipment.
 All buildings on the campus need restoration work, that one included.
Duties include:

Managing campus restoration projects, handyman jobs, painting and repainting, plumbing and household repairs, monitoring all heating and winterizing, snow plowing/ greenhouse, mechanical infrastructure management ( incl. mowing, truck, mower, boat trailers etc) ongoing and upcoming building projects, accounting oversight/ contractor oversight for all building project in partnership with book keeper, planning upcoming year’s renovations, keeping within the budget.
This job will include: working with and alongside inexperienced young adults, taking an ecological approach, considering historic preservation and appropriate materials choices for the natural resource traditions in this area, respect for continuity and need for strong design coherence with new constructions. 
Background and experience working in contracting/ construction/ facilities management, preference for experience with agriculture/ working lands. 
Compensation this position is : salaried, varies DOE, $30,000.00 - $40,000.00 Application instructions Please click here to sign in and view application details.
If you are not registered, you'll be prompted to do so. Don't worry, it's free! DeadlineDecember 05, 2020

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