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Farmhand Jamesport Farmstead

  • Date Posted January 19, 2021
  • Location Jamesport, NY
  • Category Agriculture / Production
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description Jamesport Farmstead is an organic certified vegetable and fruit farm in Jamesport, NY. This year (2021) marks our second year in production and we cannot wait to continue growing! We believe in taking a step towards mother nature rather than away from her by promoting natural ecological processes. By promoting life rather than trying to control it more nutrient dense food can be grown and a more robust ecosystem can thrive.  Because growing rich living soil is our main focus we are a no till farm.  We are also no spray and never use herbicides or pesticides of any kind; conventional OR organic certified. Our customer base is represented by our CSA programs, online sales, in person purchases at our farm stand as well as a farmers market and we also have wholesale accounts. Internship description Overview: 
Our goal having interns at Jamesport Farmstead is for them to be exposed to all the systems and ongoings that take place during the growing season. Soil health, no till practices, propagation, field planning, irrigation design, animal husbandry (layers), harvesting, washing, packing and sales are some elements that our interns will learn about and work on throughout the season. While we do have managers for various elements of the farm it is important to us that our interns are exposed to and are able to get a hands on experience.  We are a production farm.  We strive to teach and be transparent with our process, but within the context of running a market driven farm.

Desired skills & qualifications for intern positions:

  • Ideally 1 or more year(s) of full-time work on a production farm.
  • Strong work ethic and an eye for both quality and efficiency
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills; patience, flexibility, and positivity.
  • All applicants much be able to lift a 50# weight.

This position includes on farm housing.
Our work schedule is five days a week and we always end at 4pm. 
Starting date: March, 1. 
Ending date: November, 19 (w/ options to continue work past this date) Compensation this position is : salaried, $7.25/hr to $15/hr
Application instructions
this position has been filled
DeadlineFebruary 20, 2021

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