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GM & AGM Manager Hunky Dory

  • Date Posted August 01, 2021
  • Location Brooklyn, NY
  • Category Culinary
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description Hunky Dory is an all-day cocktail bar & restaurant, Fil-Am & Woman-owned. Job description

Job Details

First and foremost, all of us here work in service to Hunky Dory’s Guiding Principles:

Hunky Dory is looking to fill a General Manager position, as well as an Assistant General Manager position. Both of whom would join us on our goals towards creativity, sustainability, and equity.

We acknowledge that everyone's work/life balance and living wage needs are both highly personal and nuanced. We also acknowledge that the hours typically demanded from Management positions are often built to not be sustainable for most individuals, or as an industry as a whole. Thus, the compensation and parameters of this position are being offered on a sliding scale, depending on the needs and desires of our ideal candidate. Further details will be provided, but options are summarized below with room for adjustments as requested:

34-38 hours, four day work week = equiv. of $60,000 annual salary
38-42 hours, four day work week = equiv. of $65,000 annual salary
42-46 hours, four or five day work week = equiv. of $70,000 annual salary
46-50 hours, four or five day work week = equiv. of $80,000 annual salary


// Job Title(s): General Manager or Assistant General Manager

// Base Pay: Sliding scale $60k-80k (with potential for further event-based bonuses)

// Employee Type: FULL Time (34-50 hours available, per applicant's needs)

// Schedule: TBD. Please note Hunky Dory is open on most major holidays, although scheduling may be flexible

// Reports to: Owner/Director of Operations


When we say “everyone does everything” here at Hunky Dory, we really mean it! From owning the guest experience, to cleaning up. We emphasize a culture of shared responsibilities and cross-training across positions.


General responsibilities include:

Directing and facilitating all service/staff (both FOH & BOH). Overseeing general operations of business and building.

Co-creating, communicating and implementing standard operating procedures & hospitality goals with teams and departments

Helping meet labor and COGS goals

Maintaining safe environments

Engaging in clear and effective communication with all departments

Contributing to performance evaluation of team members

Contributing to ongoing education plans on a full staff and individual team member basis

Acting Manager on duty functions

Managing delegated inventory and ordering


Success Patterns for this position are:

Understands importance of continuous improvement

Embodies Hunky’s Guiding principles - through actions, attitude, and professional appearance

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Ability to coach, counsel, develop, and train people

Able to provide feedback directly to other team members and management

Effective management of emotions in the workplace

Desire to work towards resolution, when conflict arises

Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

Uphold cleanliness, health code, safety, and proper food handling standards

Sets and meets priorities

Excellent attendance and punctuality

Flexible schedule and ability to work some holidays

Ability to work in all weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.)

Has reliable transportation to and from work

Self-supervising within the guidance and expectations outlined

Can effectively manage emotions in the workplace


Physical Demands:

Must have high levels of mobility, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, and energy

Must be able do the essential functions of the job for long periods of time and work under heavy stress during busy times

Must be able to bend, stoop, and navigate a variety of terrain on the property


Lastly, hospitality requires a great deal of resiliency, often in the form of physical, mental, and emotional labor. Within such a small team, it is necessary for everyone to support each other in this labor. This is amplified when in a leadership role, as your emotional state has a direct and significant impact on the team. The ability to communicate empathetically while emotionally self-regulating is critical to success in this role, as is the ability to reach out to others on the management team and ask for help and support when doing so is impossible.

Compensation this position is : salaried, 50k-75k Application instructions Please click here to sign in and view application details.
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