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Field Assistant (2022 Season) Wild Hope Farm +3 more

  • Date Posted October 10, 2021
  • Location Chester, SC
  • Category Agriculture / Business
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description

With 12 acres under production and other mixed use acreage with greenhouses, walking trails, a large pond, and diversified natural areas, there is always a lot to do on the farm. Our produce is sold through a 300-400 person CSA, to local chefs, wholesale to foodhubs, and at two farmers markets (Uptown & Matthews farmers markets). In addition to farming, we also host complementary on-farm events including retreats, farm-to-table dinners, and educational workshops to cultivate community and encourage people to learn about our farming practices. We welcome you to help with the planning and implementation of at least one of our on-farm events.

Job description



The Field Assistant will work closely with the Field Manager and our Assistant Grower to execute proper field preparation, crop irrigation, facilitate transplanting, pest and disease management, pre-plant fertility and fertigation, cultivation and cover cropping. Although you will be working within a larger team, most daily tasks will be independent work with frequent check-ins. 



  • Become familiar with the planting plan and field map 
    • Assist in proactively thinking about all field activities required before and after plantings
    • Ensure all headers, drip irrigation and overhead systems are set up correctly
    • Assist in monitoring moisture levels in the field and make adjustments to the timers as needed based on weather and crop maturity
    • Maintain a good understanding of irrigation supplies on hand and do frequent checks to all systems to fix any leaks or other issues
  • Learn to safely operate all tractors, implements and other farm equipment
  • Actively participate in weekly scouting walks to better understand pest and disease pressure and fertigation needs for all plantings
  • Based on observations in the field, bring up any necessary field tasks at the weekly farm meeting
  • Familiarize yourself with all organic approved pesticides and fungicides that are used at the farm and their application uses and rates
  • When necessary, safely spray pesticides and fungicides with the backpack or tractor sprayer
  • Assist in cover crop planting and incorporation
  • Log all field and maintenance work on a daily and weekly basis in our digital record keeping system
  • Field & property maintenance: frequent mowing and weed whacking are needed in all field areas as well as other property areas surrounding our production space
  • General upkeep and repairs on various vehicles, tractors and other machines on the property 
  • Assist with projects related to infrastructure establishment and maintenance 
  • As needed, assist the crew with harvesting, transplanting, hoeing, washing and packing. 


  • At least 2 seasons working on an outdoor vegetable farm (CSA farm experience preferred)
  • Ability to withstand long periods of physical exertion including standing, kneeling, stooping, hoeing and crawling
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds frequently
  • Some experience operating tractors and other farm equipment preferred (or the ability to learn)
  • Ability to read and understand weather forecasts
  • Ability to calculate figures, amounts, portions, percentages and volume in relation to the application of organic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Familiarity with drip irrigation systems and irrigation timers
  • Ability to identify all types of vegetables
  • Ability to identify pests, pest damage and disease presence on vegetables
  • Demonstrated reliability, dependability and flexibility in work habits
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to use computers, including excel/spreadsheet programs
Mid-March through early December 2022The work at Wild Hope Farm is seasonal and the length of the workday varies within the busy season. The pay for agricultural work at Wild Hope Farm is exempt from overtime pay. Employees work approximately 40-45 hrs/wk. The expectation is that the work day or week will last until the job is finished. There will occasionally be meetings and miscellaneous tasks that need to get done after the work day is over. Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM (periodic break 15 minute breaks & 45 min lunch break)

  • $13/hr
  • Provided fresh produce from the farm
  • Great learning opportunity working with a small crew running a production farm


  • Nearby (on the other side of the property but driving ~4 mins is required) housing is available for this position. Option to either pay rent $400/mo or do a work trade mowing/maintaining in exchange for rent. 
  • Pets are not allowed. 
The following guidelines on vacation and personal time assume employment from April through the end of November.

Vacations: Employees are given the base of 5 vacation days plus 2 additional days for every year you return. Vacation times will be scheduled at the beginning of the season, trying to take all needs into account. If you would like to take additional unpaid vacation days, please speak with Peanut and Rachel about scheduling. 

Personal Time: It is expected that there will be some need during the season for every employee to take some personal time, whether for car repairs, doctor's appointments, or other personal needs. Each full-time employee may take up to 2 paid personal days each season. The personal day does not need to be taken as a “full day.” It is expected that except for emergencies, a week's notice will be given about the need for personal time.

Sick Time: When you're sick, please don't work. If health circumstances arise that cause you to miss more than 1 week of work during the season due to illness, there will need to be some discussion as to whether the position is right for you at this time. Sick days that are not taken will go unpaid. 
Compensation this position is : hourly, $10/hr to $15/hr Application instructions Please click here to sign in and view application details.
If you are not registered, you'll be prompted to do so. Don't worry, it's free! DeadlineJanuary 31, 2022

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