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This job expired on July 22, 2022

Hospitality Manager Smithereen Farm

  • Date Posted May 23, 2022
  • Location Pembroke, ME
  • Category Agriculture / Business
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description We are farming on Passamaquoddy homeland right at the US-Canada border in easternmost Maine.

We look out on Cobscook Bay and our main focus is building the most diverse orchard we possibly can. We also grow organic strawberries and large veggie gardens and manage 12 acres of U PICK wild Maine blueberries just down the road. We also wild harvest chokecherries, service berries, seaweed, and wild herbs galore. We make value added products from our harvests and sell them online and at our farmstore.

As of 2022 we have taken over management of a cranberry bog!

Much of the farm is forested with spruce, balsam fir, larch, maple, and birch and some queenly white pines- we invite campers to stay on the farm and enjoy the stars, the breezes, the sea mist, migrating birds, mossy trails and quiet beaches in every direction.

2022 brings another round of fun workshops, lectures and outings thanks to our sister organization Greenhorns. You can also visit the agrarian library @ReversingHall.

Smithereen Farm will be entering our 5th growing season in 2022. Job description
Smithereen Farm has 10 campsites that we rent out by the night to HIPCAMPers from all over. This is a major income stream for us and we want it to be great. We need someone who can manage all aspects of this enterprise, this can be a part time job and combine well with other enterprises on the farm, or your own project, or another job in town. This job includes: keeping the websites for Airbnb and Hipcamp and the hospitality portions of farm website updated. It includes managing all communications with the guests, clean up and set up, oversight of laundry, mowing, cleaning and related “guest services”. It means running a rotation of cleaning for the 4 campus buildings that receive guests, paying guests as well as visitors and teachers for the programming of the farm. To clarify: hospitality includes cleaning and making beds, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry and keeping all sheets and towels organized, it means also keeping the big picture of the hospitality program in mind, welcoming the guests, errands, oiling the tent platforms in spring, fire safety, orienting people to the farm, everything and anything involved with the hospitality operation. It is our goal to bring on a couple more rental units and educational group housing situations at the various campus properties–this work will yield us additional needed revenue for the farm– keeping these projects moving forward is part of this job as well. 
The ideal Hospitality Manager is a meticulous, responsible professional who is comfortable interacting with the public as well as performing behind-the-scenes duties to a high standard. They will feel comfortable and happy when vacuuming, dusting, showing guests around, arranging flowers, harvesting vegetables, painting floors, hanging curtains, setting up recycling bins, problem-solving small construction problems, changing beds, managing schedules and dates, answering the questions of visitors, giving farm tours. They are proactive, accountable, motivated and willing to go the extra mile to deliver a quality experience for all guests and in support of the Smithereen farm team and Greenhorns team. They will have excellent written and oral communication skills, be culturally competent, and able to adapt to overcome challenges and communicate needs and priorities in a dynamic team setting. The Hospitality Manager will be expected to be onsite for the majority of their duties, and must reside in or near Pembroke, ME.
Duties include:
  • Managing the Airbnb and Hipcamp web portals
  • Keeping updated text, photos, feedback, contact with campers, happy chats with guests on personal phone, farm phone, and digital platforms
  • Making survey of the sites, making sure all is well, answering questions
  • Improving the hospitality materials on website/ print out/ welcome station
  • Inventoried bedding/ cleaning rota management
  • Quarterly reporting on finances to office team
  • Contribute to promotion of agritourism business
  • As needed reporting on feedback/ needs for improvement
  • Adding creative improvements and flair 
  • Managing and updating the facilities/ update plan with Facilities manager
  • Cleaning and prepping the spaces for hosting
  • Oversight of laundry/ cleaning work to high standard
  • Welcoming/ facilitating the humans arriving
  • Overseeing Parking lot care, composting toilet care, blueberry field road maintenance, signage as needed
  • Mowing
  • Emergency management as needed
Compensation this position is : hourly, $20/hr + Application instructions
This job expired on July 22, 2022
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