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Mentor Farmer Duke Campus Farm

Date posted   January 21, 2011
Location   Durham, NC
Category   Agriculture / Education
Job Type   Other
Job Description
The Duke Campus Farm is a brand new initiative at Duke University, currently in the initial stages of its one-year, one-acre pilot project. In the fall, the land was tilled, a cover cropwasplanted, and we are now waiting for warmer weather to begin our first planting season. The aim of the farm is two fold: first, to provide the dining halls with fresh, seasonal food and second, to serve as an educational facility for classes related to food and sustainability.

The farm is a student-led initiative but we need additional assistance. Admittedly none of us are farmers, but we are eager to learn all that we can. We are currently exploring the idea of hiring a mentor farmer, ideally with the qualifications listed below:

  • Several years experience with small farms.
  • Experience growing organically and/or a specialization in winter growing.
  • Desire to work with students.
  • Interest in agricultural education.
Responsibilities include:
  • Working with students on pest and nutrient management using organic practices.
  • Coaching on best management practices.
  • Assistance with land preparation.
Time commitment and compensation are negotiable.

Compensation   this position is PAID

How to apply
This position has been filled. Thank you for your interest.

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