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This job expired on January 22, 2017

Culinary Director Camp Glen Brook

  • Date Posted November 23, 2016
  • Location Marlborough, NH
  • Category Culinary / Education
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description

We have been weaving Waldorf education together with traditional New England camping since 1946, creating a community that values creativity, compassion and stewardship.  

Glen Brook is a gem. It is a place where children and adults can step out of the busyness of their everyday schedules and settle into the rhythms and joys of nature.  It is a place to be refreshed by the clear mountain air, cool lake water, and wholesome farm-to-table food.  A place to play in verdant meadows, hike along magical forest paths or simply sit on the hill and gaze upon the majesty of Mount Monadnock.  A place to sing around the campfire with new and old friends under the bright evening stars. Camp Glen Brook is a place where your body, mind and spirit can be renewed. 

Glen Brook’s mission is to nurture a sense of personal responsibility for the world around us: our personal living spaces, our towns and cities, and the natural environment as a whole. At the core of all our activities is a belief in the inherent need in the human spirit to connect with one another and the natural world through work and play; to work creatively for both artistic pleasure and to solve problems of social importance; and to project a sense of compassion and responsibility toward all living things. Glen Brook’s diverse programs encourage this mission in numerous ways: through arts and music; through outdoor adventure and exploration; and through the daily care of a small farm in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Our programs strive for the care of our resources in ways both large and small: the health of our forests, fields, and waters are as important as the orderliness of our broom closets; the respect we afford one another is as vital as the wholesomeness of the food we eat. In all that we do, we aim to leave the world a little better than the way we found it. Job description

Camp Glen Brook is looking for a Culinary Director to run the table part of our farm-to-table camp in Southern New Hampshire. This is a head, heart and hands-on position requiring a high level of organization as well as a high level of skill in the kitchen.

This director is responsible for stewarding the food culture of Glen Brook - a culture that focuses on biodynamic, organic, local, whole foods many of which come from our on site biodynamic farm. The director develops menus that are inclusive of the diverse community Glen Brook serves and is considerate of allergies and food sensitivities. The director partners with an assistant during the spring and fall months and works with a larger staff of 4-5 during the busy summer months. It is important that the director sets high standards of organization and cleanliness so that the community kitchen can be a healthy and pleasant workplace. The director will also create space for teaching both in and out of the kitchen to promote healthy food choices and basic culinary literacy.


  • To steward the food culture of Glen Brook and set the tone of the kitchen
  • To source and stock the kitchen with wholesome, local, ingredients
  • To develop menus that are inclusive of the diverse community Glen Brook serves
  • To be vigilant of allergies and insensitivities so as to keep the community as safe and healthy as possible
  • To cook food with efficiency of time and fuel but with an abundance of creativity and love
  • To coordinate with all other team members and directors in order to serve the community most efficiently
  • To maintain a clean and orderly kitchen, so that it can be a healthy and pleasant workplace for all
  • To work with children and adults to teach them the joys of healthy eating and the creativity and utility of cooking
  • To work creatively towards decreasing the budget by streamlining menus and reducing waste

This position offers a chef a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in a vibrant community and at the same run their very own kitchen.

This position is salaried. Housing and Health Insurance are negotiable.

Compensation this position is : salaried, less than 50k Application instructions
This job expired on January 22, 2017
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