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This job expired on June 25, 2017

Farm Assistant Agricola Farm

  • Date Posted April 26, 2017
  • Location Panton, VT
  • Category Agriculture
  • Job Type Internship/Apprentice
Company Description Agricola Farm is on the forefront of a new generation of progressive farmers that focus on sustainability and the production of good, clean, and fair food. Agricola is a small diversified livestock farm in Addison County, Vermont, a region known for its long farming history. We have married old world farming strategies from Italy with progressive approaches that prioritize sustainability. Agricola fully embraces the Farm-to-Fork movement: we raise the animals, do our own butchering and meat processing and sell our fresh and value-added products at markets, in our Farm Stand and local stores and also use them for our Farm Dinners. Agricola is nicely connected with other farms, artisans and the localvore movement.

Our main product is pork but we are growing our flock of registered icelandic sheep, heritage chickens and ducks. Our pastured animals are in the barn only in the winter and we use their manure to fertilize the 1/4 acre (and growing) vegetable garden. We are well integrated in our community that joins us for farm to table lunches and dinners we prepare with local chefs, all italian based. Our practices are inspired and follow the Slow Food movement and we take a scientific approach to farming by testing our theories and conducting objective observations on the impact of our farming on soil and water. The farm just went through a growth spurt and we are looking to enlarge our team with reliable, committed and passionate new farmer assistants and hope that one will turn into a future farm manager. Job Description One position open starting June 2017 (minimum of 3 months commitment)
One position open starting June 2017 (8 to 12 months)
Please read carefully the information below and apply first online and then via email.

The ideal candidate is eager to get involved in all aspects of livestock management, meat  and vegetable production. Our farm is also very connected to our community through a thriving agritourism program that focuses on farm dinners, lunches, a farm stand and farm tours. While our farm is focused on the management of pigs, sheep, hens ad broilers for the production of gourmet meat and eggs, we have also forged a collaboration with Fairy Tales Farm, a sheep/cow cheese farm close by, to provide a more comprehensive training opportunity for our assistants.

Our goal is to help grow new farmers that are knowledgeable in the overall management of a self sustainable farm focused on the improvement of soil and the use of "good farming" practices.

The ideal candidate is someone interested in exploring a career as professional farmer. We accept only people that have been able to show a commitment to agriculture either through educational choices or work/volunteer work. During their work at the farm, assistants are introduced to all aspects of livestock farming as well as meat  production. They are expected to learn quickly to be independent in the pastures and in the barn and skilfully conduct daily practices but also recognize when animals need special attentions and care. Unique opportunities for the farm assistant include learning how to make charcuterie, cut and process meat under USDA inspection, run small and large agritourism activities centered on the principles of the Slow Food movement.
The ideal candidate has accumulated at least 1 year of experience working in a ranch or farm; has experience using basic equipment including weed wacker, loan mowers and 4-wheelers. The job requires the candidate to be able to lift 50Lbs and engage in strenuous repetitive lifting under all sorts of weather conditions (including the subzero temperature we get in Vermont in the winter). The candidate needs to be able to demonstrate a commitment and a strong interest in a future career as farmer or homesteader. Experience or specialization in the area of vegetable or livestock production is welcomed. Similarly, experience in the areas of meat processing, cheese making or any aspect of the food/restaurant chain, is welcomed.

Specific things the candidate will learn.
The candidate will receive specific training in management of multi-species rotational grazing plans (sheep, pigs and chickens), poultry slaughtering and processing, swine management (including common health and farrowing practices and more specialized suino pesante practices - an Italian approach to raising pork specifically for charcuterie), sheep management (including milking, sheering, lambing duties), and cheese making, sheep dairy chores with Fairy Tales Farm.

We understand that each person has different skills, so the selection of the two assistants will take into consideration how the applicants complement each other.

Work week includes 25 hrs. Flexibility in the schedule is dependent on the needs of the farm and the farm team. 
Compensation includes housing (private bedroom and shared bathroom in our main farm house), food (3 meals per day) and $300 stipend per month.
We encourage assistants to apply to off farm jobs to supplement their income and work with them to make the schedule possible.
Own transportation is highly encouraged.
Check out our website page for more informations! Compensation this position is PAID: stipend How to apply
This job expired on June 25, 2017
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