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This job expired on January 26, 2019

Summer Camp + Cooking Class Director Sprouts Cookng Club

  • Date Posted November 27, 2018
  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Category Culinary / Nonprofit
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description


Sprouts Cooking Club is a 501c3 nonprofit that empowers youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds to live healthy, balanced lives by teaching them how to cook nutritious meals for themselves and their community. Sprouts Chef-in-Training Program empowers underserved young adults to change their lives around by training them to become chefs right inside real restaurants.


We plant the seeds of sustainable healthy habits in the hope that they will grow and develop into the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. We believe that chefs, farmers, and culinary entrepreneurs are among the best candidates to inspire our youth to cook wholesome meals for themselves and their families.



Young adults from underserved communities are given the opportunity to turn their lives around and train to become chefs in local restaurants.


Kids cook alongside real chefs all year long, right inside restaurants, schools, kitchens, and gardens. We use the highest quality ingredients. Proceeds from classes are donated to Sprouts Chef-in-Training program.


We are a small team of 9, including our CIT team, culinary instructors, HR, management, and accounting. We are grateful to work with 50+ volunteers and 75+ local chefs.

Job description

Summer Camp Planner: Your role will be to plan the summer camp weeks for Sprouts. You will get to meet with chefs, farmers and nonprofit partners as you schedule in activities for each day. Farm and garden visits, grocery store and farmers market challenges, in-restaurant classes, and finale cook-offs will be of the essence!  You will work closely with Sprouts executive director and team members to receive insight onto former year’s itineraries, and feedback on ideas. You will have the opportunity to be involved in the interviewing and hiring on of Sprouts summer camp team! Ingredient sponsorship will also be included during this pre-camp phase.


Birthday Fundraising Program: Sprouts runs a Birthday Party Fundraising program; proceeds fund the chef training for struggling young adults in need of a fresh start. You will work to strengthen our systems, marketing, and the execution of our birthday party program. You will also teach birthday parties, and train other culinary instructors to teach.


Camp Director: As Camp Director, you will be the on-the-grounds camp rockstar as you work with your camp team leaders to keep each day’s itinerary running smoothly, and the culinary guests feeling welcomed! This stage will require a great deal of leadership, organization, and people skills! You will oversee our summer camp team which will include team member check-ins, and staff scheduling. You will make executive decisions throughout the camp day as unforeseen variables present themselves.


Sprouts Liaison: You will serve as a critical liaison between Sprouts chefs, partners, parents, Sprouts management team, and Sprouts summer team. Your voice will represent Sprouts mission! Meetings, group chats and texts, and email announcements will all be included in the line-up. Your voice will be heard, and your ideas and feedback will be crucial for the smooth execution of camps. Your ultimate goal is to create a positive camp experience for the parents, kids, chefs, and team!


Tangible Impact: All proceeds from the summer camps are donated to Sprouts Chef-in-Training Program, which provides chef training to youth in-need. Your immediate impact will also be felt acutely as you empower diverse, young kids to cook healthy meals for themselves and their communities. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to be involved in a program that is really making a difference in our community.

Your professional growth:

This position will provide valuable experience working closely with the founder of a successful nonprofit. You will learn about various business models, accounting protocol, food safety and insurance. As a small nonprofit with little hierarchy, your voice will be heard and your opinion will be sought after! You will see first-hand, the many moving variables of a thriving and evolving structure. You will learn the basics of scalability, marketing strategy as you sit in on team meetings.

Sample Tasks:
  • Pre-Camp: Chef and Itinerary Planning (20-40 hrs/ week)
  • Setting Up Summer Camp Team and Camp Itinerary

Sample Tasks

      • Email correspondence with chefs, partner farms and venues to work through summer camp logistics
      • Visits to farms, gardens, and restaurants to create site informationals for the summer camp team
      • Working with HR to recruit and interview an 8-person summer camp team
      • Soliciting camp sponsorships and ingredients sponsorships
      • Meeting with summer camp partners and host restaurants, farms, and gardens to discuss logistics
  • Camp Execution: Camp Co-Leader (40 hrs/ week)
  • Running Camps as a Co-Leader

Sample Tasks

    • Working alongside counselors to run educational camp activities such as knife skill exercises, culinary games, and blindfolded palate challenges.
    • Checking-in with camp counselors and Sprouts management team
    • Ensuring that scheduling and logistics run smoothly
    • Meeting parents at parent orientation and camp drop-off and pick-up
    • Thinking on your feet when things don't go according to plan!
    • Assessing ingredients, equipment, and transportation needs
    • Setting a positive, cheerful, energetic tone for your team of counselors, campers, and parents
  • Birthday Party Lead: (5 hrs/ week)
  • Expanding and Executing Birthday Party Program

Sample Tasks

    • Working with Sprouts Chef-in-Training fundraising lead to build up our CIT fundraising birthday party program
    • Teaching birthday party classes
    • Improving the scalability of Sprouts birthday party program

*We want you to have a valuable experience and are happy to cater to your own goals and objectives. Please let us know in your cover letter what skills you would like to develop and grow so we can tailor the internship to meet your needs!


  • PARISOMA Co-working space in SOMA, SF
  • Various Bay Area locations based on camp day

Commitments and Contract Period:

  • Sprouts Team: 9-5 p.m.
  • Pre-Camp hours: 20-40 hrs/ week. Schedule determined by selected candidate
  • Camp Hours: 8:00-4:00

Starting Period: January 9th, 2019

  • January 25th-April 15th, 20-40 hrs. per week
  • April 15th- August 20th, 40 hrs. per week
Skills and Requirements:

Strong organizational skills, high aptitude, strong interpersonal skills, interest in community, children, chefs, nutrition, and cooking. Leadership skills. Culinary skills and comfort in the kitchen. Experience working with kids and problem solving on the fly. Must be incredibly organized and have a positive attitude even under stress.

Compensation this position is : hourly, $15/hr + Application instructions
This job expired on January 26, 2019
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