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This job expired on December 13, 2019

Garden Manager The Eco-Institute

  • Date Posted October 14, 2019
  • Location Chapel Hill, NC
  • Category Agriculture / Education
  • Job type Part-Time
Company description

The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain is a non-profit Earth sanctuary and learning community that is dedicated to the healing of the human-Earth relationship. 


The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain (EIPM) hosts three main types of programs: 


The Rising Earth Immersion- a Semester of Transformative Permaculture for Visionary Young Adult Leaders


Community Garden Cooperative- Growing Food, Growing Community, Healing Culture


Retreats, Workshops, and Community Celebrations- from Permaculture Foundations Certification to Communal Grief Tending Weekend Ritual, these gatherings explore various aspects of ecological living

Job description

The Eco-Institute’s Garden Manager is responsible for the oversight of the EIPM Learning Gardens and composting systems, and is the person who does the majority of the actual physical labor associated with caretaking the garden, alongside the Community Garden Cooperative.


The Garden Manager is supervised by EIPM’s Executive Director, and works closely with the Repair & Maintenance Team for maintenance support, the Rising Earth Immersion Program Director & Permaculture Series Coordinator regarding educational programming, and a small team of support volunteers to lead the Community Garden Cooperative. 




The Garden Manager is responsible for: 

  1. Creating and implementing a strategic plan and calendar for the garden for each season. 
  2. Creating and implementing a five year crop rotation plan. 
  3. Overseeing the planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, community distribution, processing and storage process for the garden produce. 
  4. Overseeing the purchase, maintenance/care and proper use of all garden equipment. 
  5. Creating and implementing a plan to track garden activities and outcomes. 
  6. Creating and overseeing the garden budget, reporting all expenses to the Office Manager.
  7. Creating and maintaining a system for analyzing the cost / benefit of having a garden. 
  8. Informing our community about the garden through photos and thoughtful social media posts. 
  9. Transporting Compost from Community Kitchen to Compost Pile(s), turning and maintaining Compost Pile(s).
  10. Keeping the Garden beautiful for gatherings and events. 
  11. Serving as the coordinator and mentor for Garden Interns & Apprentices.
  12. Overseeing the health of the Eco-Institute’s fruit tree orchards which includes yearly pruning, pest management, fertilizing, mulching and additional planting. 
  13. Overseeing the mushroom growing garden. Maintenance, cleanliness, continued inoculation and harvest.

Community Garden Cooperative Responsibilities:

  1. Set the seasonal schedule for Garden Cooperative Workdays (historically Thursdays and Saturdays)
  2. Make personal connections with Garden Coop members and understand each of their primary learning goals
  3. Be present to lead each garden workday session or delegate a substitute leader and leave them with a detailed plan. 

Rising Earth Immersion Responsibilities:

  1. Design and teach a ten-week garden series with the goal of participants feeling empowered to start their own gardens post-program. 
  2. Work with staff and students to coordinate any special work/labor projects related to the garden. 

Permaculture Foundations Certification Series Responsibilities: 

  1. Co-create curriculum and co-teach classes & special projects related to gardening/agriculture. 


  1. Minimum of High School Diploma or GED, Bachelor’s Degree preferred 
  2. At least 2 years of prior gardening experience in an educational setting 
  3. At least 2 years of teaching/mentoring experience 


This is a part time, hourly position for three seasons of the year (mid-February to mid-November) with the option of very rustic living accommodations (private camper trailer no plumbing) with a separate shared community kitchen, unlimited wifi, and community shower. All utilities are included (electric, water, wifi, trash service).  There is also the option of a Health Care program (not health insurance) that offers deeply discounted doctor’s visits and prescriptions (not hospital).

Payment is $15/hour for roughly 80-85 hours per month.  Hours are set by the Garden Manager themself and quantity may be slightly adjusted (by agreement between Garden Manager & Executive Director) to meet the needs of the planting and growing season.  Garden Manager is free to hold another local part-time job and/or apply for the responsibility of EIPM mowing/weed trimming which adds another 3-5 hours per week. 

Garden Manager is welcome to take 2-4 non-consecutive weeks of unpaid vacation during the growing season, provided their responsibilities are covered by another qualified party (another EIPM Staff Member, a Garden Apprentice or Volunteer, or another member of the Volunteer Coop Leadership Team.)

Compensation this position is : hourly, $15/hr + Application instructions
This job expired on December 13, 2019
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