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Ears in the Field Audio Fellowship Food Culture Collective

  • Date Posted December 23, 2022
  • Location Remote, CA
  • Category Media
  • Job type Part-Time
Company description


Food Culture Collective (FCCltv) is a community of play democratizing food culture to feed our collective healing and transformation. We are food workers, culture-bearers, creatives, and co-conspirators who dare to dream of a future where our economies and cultures are shaped by care for the land, waters, and people to which we belong.

Our community is united by a belief that food is culture and foundational to nourishing the systems, values, narratives, and everyday behaviors that shape our world. We use story, art, and experiences to disrupt a culture of extraction and exploitation and collectively reclaim and reimagine our relationships to food

FCCltv centers and prioritizes the leadership, joy, and nourishment of food culture workers and community members who are typically exploited, and targeted within dominant culture, specifically those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, immigrants, women, and/or identify with an otherwise marginalized group. Our work is values-driven and relationship-centric, with the aim of shifting who gets to shape food culture, how, and to what end.

Job description

Ears in the Field is a 4-month paid production fellowship hosted by Food Culture Collective (FC Collective) in the Spring of 2023. Composed of a cohort of 4 emerging audio producers and creatives, Fellows will develop original audio pieces to be featured in the first season of the Story of Food [working title] podcast, produced by FC Collective in partnership with the HEAL Food Alliance. Selected fellows will have the opportunity to contribute to a dynamic new podcast experiment, collaborate with a creative community, hone their storytelling and narrative strategy skills, and connect with seasoned audio and food media professionals.


This is a production-oriented fellowship for people already working in audio and/or who have a developed creative voice as editors, producers, artists, writers, etc. Over the course of the fellowship, fellows will craft two, ~12 minute original audio pieces to be featured in the new Story of Food podcast. A juicy, intimate, narrative-driven podcast meets audio collage, the podcast will celebrate food cultures of deep nourishment and collective care that exist all around us. 


Featuring the stories of food workers, culture-bearers, organizers, creatives, and more working to reclaim and reimagine our relationship to food, land, and community, Fellows will aim to immerse listeners in stories that witness food as a teacher and its power to shape the narratives that nourish our culture.

This is a fully remote fellowship.



Please note: This is not an introductory-level fellowship. Fellows are required to display a strong understanding of storytelling and narrative development in audio or other media or mediums (writing, poetry, etc.). Preference will be given to applicants who additionally have experience with Audacity, Pro Tools, Hindenburg or similar digital editing software. Fellows with limited to no audio experience must be willing to commit an additional 10-15 hours to learn, with the support of digital resources and guidance from our team, the basics of audio editing. 

  • Experience producing and editing audio on a platform such as ProTools, Hindenburg, Audacity, etc. strongly preferred
  • Experience recording audio, field recording skills a plus
  • Strong storytelling chops and an interest in learning how to develop or deepen your work’s connection to an explicit narrative strategy
  • Interest in food justice and resonance with Food Culture Collective’ and HEAL Food Alliance’s missions
  • Must be 18+ and currently reside in the United States
  • Must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection

Fellowship Programming & Support

    • Bi-weekly Workshops (90 minutes, 9 sessions total)
    • Tech and Professional Mixing Support
    • Peer-to-Peer (& Beyond) Community Building & Mentorship 
  • In addition to the workshops, visiting workshop guests will provide mentorship and critical feedback. Fellows will also be paired up for each piece with a fellow mentor to be a thought partnership buddy. They will be encouraged to communicate between workshop sessions to support one another’s creative process.
  • Amplification & Platforming
  • Fellowship Stipend $3,500

Workshop Schedule (Beginning March 10, 2023)

  • Workshop 1 - Pitches & Group Meaning-Making Fellows workshop a pitch for their first episode
  • Workshop 2 - Interview Progress Check-In + Featured Guest in Community Storytelling Fellows connect about progress on interviews and how their story is progressing, troubleshooting / Assignment: Share a clip from one interview that feels juicy, compelling
  • Workshop 3 - Episode 1 Check-In + Episode 2 Pitches Workshopping 2 Fellow WIP episodes; Fellows share ideas for a second story and reflect on how to improve their work and process
  • Workshop 4 - Episode 1 Audio Clinic + Featured Guest in Radio Audio clinic for episode 2 drafts with feedback from seasoned radio producer or audio creative / Assignment: Story 1 final (for final mixing)
  • Workshop 5 - Episode 2 Story Pitches & Season Meaning Making /  Assignment: Story 1 rough cut +  3-5 Pitches
  • Workshop 6 Episode 2 Progress Check-In Fellows connect about progress on interviews and how their story is progressing
  • Workshop 7 - Open Workshop + Featured Guest in Food Media To solicit support, feedback, thought partnership, etc and address emergent needs
  • Workshop 8 - Episode 2 Audio Clinic + Featured Guest in Radio Audio clinic for episode 2 drafts with feedback from seasoned radio producer or audio creative/ Assignment: Story 2 Rough Cut

Workshop 9 - Listening Session Each Fellow presents one of their two stories to share with mentors & peers to receive feedback, celebrations, thoughts, and final edits

Compensation this position is : salaried, varies DOE, $3,500.00 - $3,500.00 Location job can be done remotely Application instructions
this job's deadline has passed
DeadlineJanuary 18, 2023

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