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Co-founded in October 2010 by Taylor Cocalis and Dorothy Neagle, Good Food Jobs has posted 74,973 jobs, registered 179,360 loyal followers, featured jobs from over 25,054 farms, non-profits, award-winning food writers, and other great individuals and organizations, inspired and delighted more than 81,804 newsletter subscribers every Tuesday, and consumed at least 547 pints of ice cream.

GFJ has posted opportunities across all disciplines, for full-time, part-time, volunteer, apprenticeship, and other out-of-the-box once-in-a-lifetime gigs.

The site is used to educate people about the multitude of ways one can embark on a food-related career, one that is satisfying, empowering, and beneficial to others.

We believe that food is the perfect outlet for fulfilling employment because of its potential impact on culture, economics, and the environment.

Taylor's path to food enlightenment started long before founding Good Food Jobs...

At Cornell University she studied Hospitality Management and then completed a Masters in Food Culture at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Parma, Italy. The program afforded her the opportunity to visit various farms and food artisans throughout Europe, where she observed how food fit into daily culture. She promptly moved back to the United States, and after three years of running the Education department at Murray's Cheese in New York City, Taylor teamed up with fellow Cornell alum Dorothy Neagle to create Good Food Jobs. Their common goal is to build community around the desire to find fulfillment through one's day-to-day work.

Taylor's preferred speaking topics include food entrepreneurship, nurturing human connection through food, and reviving American food culture through sound economics. But you can find her spending her free time in the garden, sharing home-cooked meals, or teaching Food Entrepreneurism at Sterling College.


Dorothy was born and raised on a small farm in Kentucky...

She was ready to escape the rural life in pursuit of her studies at Cornell University, which led to a career in Interior Design in New York City. Following a traditional career path had worked out beautifully on paper, but she found herself yearning for more opportunities to work with people directly and to actively contribute to environmental conservation and sustainability. Now she's returned to her roots as co-Founder of Good Food Jobs, promoting the revolution in the food industry, and helping others to find sustainable roles in the food world.

Dorothy's preferred speaking topics include conservation and environmentalism, farm living, and career transitioning. You can frequently find her at home raising a toddler, obsessing over what to make for dinner, and scouring the web for inspiring photography and design.

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