good (good) (adj.) satisfying; genuine; palatable.

food (food ) (n.) any nutritious substance that living things eat, drink, or absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

good food job a pursuit involving the efforts to nourish one’s own life, and the lives of others.

Good Food Jobs is a gastro-job search tool, designed to link people looking for meaningful food work with the businesses that need their energy, enthusiasm, and intellect. We post opportunities with farmers and food artisans, policy makers and purveyors, retailers and restaurateurs, economists, ecologists, and more. On our blog, the gastrognomes, we profile the most interesting and unlikely food professionals that we find, and publish their stories to inspire you.

Good Food Jobs was created by friends, business partners, and ice cream enthusiasts, Taylor Cocalis and Dorothy Neagle. We met at Cornell University in the summer of 2004, and spent the next six years trying to figure out how to spend more time together. Partnering up was the solution, and although we were motivated by our own friendship, we hope the results will benefit individuals and communities everywhere.



Taylor (left) and Dorothy (right) at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City.


Taylor's path to food enlightenment started long before founding Good Food Jobs...

At Cornell University she studied Hospitality Management and then completed a Masters in Food Culture at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Parma, Italy. The program afforded her the opportunity to visit various farms and food artisans throughout Europe, where she observed how food fit into daily culture. She promptly moved back to the United States, and after three years of running the Education department at Murray’s Cheese in New York City, Taylor teamed up with fellow Cornell alum Dorothy Neagle to create Good Food Jobs. Their common goal is to build community around the desire to find fulfillment through one’s day-to-day work.



Dorothy was born and raised on a small farm in Kentucky...

She was ready to escape the rural life in pursuit of her studies at Cornell University, which led to a career in Interior Design in New York City. Following a traditional career path had worked out beautifully on paper, but she found herself yearning for more opportunities to work with people directly and to actively contribute to environmental conservation and sustainability. Now she’s returned to her roots as co-Founder of Good Food Jobs, promoting the revolution in the food industry, and helping others to find sustainable roles in the food world.


Mary never forgets to ask about dessert...

Her proudest moment in the kitchen was mastering a genuinely good macaron. It still shocks us that she doesn’t like peaches, but I guess that means more peach cobbler for us! Mary works in food because it brings people together and gives us all life - we all need it. She loves working in an authentic and supportive environment. She has been on our team since October 2011.


Peter tries his best to eat only plants...

And he loves growing them, too. His best day as a gardener was when he realized that he was struggling to transport all the produce he had just picked from his garden to his kitchen counter. Peter believes that both you and the world around you are defined by the food you eat every day and that it therefore has a deep and transformative potential for healing us all. He recently relocated to Portland, OR and has been on our team since September 2013.