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This job expired on September 02, 2019

Rotational Grazing Assistant Four Bellies Farm

  • Date Posted July 04, 2019
  • Location Bowden, GA
  • Category Agriculture
  • Job type Freelance
Company description

Four Bellies is a small livestock farm in Bowdon, west Georgia. We practice sustainable pasture management to build nutrient dense soil. In doing so we produce grass fed lamb, grass fed beef, pastured, non-gmo rabbit, and non-gmo, soy free chicken and eggs. Our passion is producing food in a way that is healthy for the land, the animals, and our community. 

Job description
We are looking for a rotational grazing assistant to work 5 days a week, Wednesdays through Sundays, for minimally 5 hours each day with options for more hours if desired, totaling 25-35 hours a week. 
Daily tasks include: 
- Moving chicken tractors, rabbit tractors, and mobile net fencing 
- Bringing feed to chicken and rabbit tractors and minerals to sheep and cows
- Monitoring and management of automatic watering systems
- Care for breeding rabbits including feeding, and managing manure, and following a breeding chart accurately 
- Record keeping and data entry for sheep, cows, and rabbits
- Guard dog and barn cat care
- Assisting with other farm projects and clean up

Person applying must:  
- Be able to lift 50 pounds 
- Be able to work in most weather
- Be able to assess and initiate tasks independently 
- Possess good organizational skills and a desire to keep workspaces tidy 
- A desire to learn and work with animals
- An interest in rotational grazing is a plus!  
On Farm housing is available
Compensation this position is : hourly, under $15/hr Work visa This employer is willing to sponsor a work visa for international applicants Application instructions
This job expired on September 02, 2019
Deadlineno deadline

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