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Bookkeeper / Administrator Monfefo LLC

  • Date Posted March 30, 2020
  • Location Los Angeles, CA
  • Category Business
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description Monfefo began in 2014 in a kitchen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. We are a small, passionate team that manufactures the best tasting, highest quality organic ginger and turmeric shots on the market. We hand-make in small batches daily, fresh cold-pressed organic root juice blended with citrus juice and honey, in which we bottle and then ship out to stores. Every batch is made with integrity and passion ensuring that we produce an excellent product everyday. Our drinks have no additives, preservatives or things you can’t pronounce. It is simply the root, fruit and nectar. Learn more at Job description


  • The glue for the company between our vendors, suppliers and customers. Sends PO’s, invoices and emails in a clear and cohesive manner from the accounting email only. 
  • Balances QuickBooks on a weekly basis. 
  • Monthly PnL reviews with the founder. 
  • Processes payroll on a bi-weekly basis. 
  • Reviews bill backs, MCB’s (merchandiser credit billbacks), and promos thoroughly and disputes any unapproved free fills or deals from our distributors. 
  • Develops solid customer relationship and engagement regarding; pricing questions, receiving account payables on time, and getting customers set up with a wholesale account and any other customer service question. 
  • Fills out forms/yearly updates regarding New Item Forms.
  • Onboards new team members in terms of payroll set up, monfefo team member paperwork and any state requirements. 
  • Reviews all incoming PO’s/financial contracts/bills to ensure there is no unapproved price increase or duplicate bills. Always hustling to get the best price possible on all of our supplies. 
  • Innovative in their approach to reducing our costs (ie. ordering more bottles and storing them in their facility so we can have a lower cost per item). 
  • Ensuring that all of our items are recorded in the correct place. This can happen by reviewing expenses with the founder on a weekly basis. 
  • Under all expenses, attaches the receipts in every quickbooks entry. 
  • Receives and sends mail if ever needed. 
  • Receives and deposits checks on a weekly basis. Organizes all paperwork in the filing cabinet so we have a physical and digital copy of everything. 
  • Fills out paperwork regarding new and old certifications for the business. 
  • Is on top of deadlines and certifications for state and federal fillings to ensure we are always on time and prepared. 
  • Helps get all the proper paperwork in order regarding certifications, factory updates, employee hires, and any other administrative paperwork. 
  • Has built a working relationship with our CPA. 


  • Extremely extremely organized and detail oriented. 
  • A kind hustler. Someone who gets things done in a respectable and kind fashion. Ensures that bills are paid on time by building a relationship with our vendors. Ensures we are getting the best price on our ingredients with our suppliers. 
  • Thorough and precise. Ensures that their work is double checked with another set of eyes. And always has a backup of their work, digital and physical. 
  • Timely, ensuring that deadlines are met. 
  • Sets calendar invites for the founder to review expenses and PnL reports and is persistent in reviews to be made and discussed. 
  • Clear and consistent communication between the team and our partners.
Compensation this position is : salaried, 50k-75k Application instructions Please click here to sign in and view application details.
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