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Pickle Factory Crew Number 1 Sons

  • Date Posted July 02, 2020
  • Location Washington, DC
  • Category Culinary / Production
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description

Number 1 Sons makes and sells kimchi, pickles, kombucha, and more in their Pickle Factory in Ivy City. 

- - - 

Yi Wah and Caitlin began Number 1 Sons in early 2012. As brother and sister, we've proudly disregarded the bromide to never work with family and are having an absolute ball producing kimchis, pickles, and krauts and selling them at Washington DC-area farmers' markets. Producing in the basement of our friend's cafe, we made and sold 31 barrels our first year. The next year we built our own "humble pickle factory," (per WTOP) and were amazed to make and sell 151 barrels of superlative soured vegetables. In 2017, we constructed a new pickle factory in the Ivy City neighborhood of Washington DC and made and sold 500 barrels of fermented and apple cider vinegar pickles. We handcraft world-class foods with superior ingredients and a fanatical zeal for global flavors. We are not guided by low prices, food trends, or lowest common denominator decision-making. We proudly stand on the shoulders of those before us who fed their families and communities through preservation, and endeavor to consistently make the best kimchis, pickles, and kombucha that these predecessors would enthusiastically recognize. We've won many fans because there is no better way to connect with family, friends, and neighbors than setting a table for them. We see this in the children, parents, and grandparents whose eyes twinkle at our farmers' markets stands, the stories we hear from internationally-born customers, and the super fired-up crew we have making and selling our kimchis, pickles, and krauts. We have spoken at the Smithsonian and been written about in The Washington Post and The New York Times. We have shipped wedding favors from coast to coast. Our fans write fanatical and exuberant emails. 

Recently we’ve started offering local, home delivery of our products, as well as those of friends from local farmers markets. Our Pickle Factory operates 7 days a week in NE DC making our products, serving our community, and supporting our Pickle Van and Pickle Stand teams.

Job description

Number 1 Sons in Washington, DC is looking for Pickle Factory crew to join our team.


Pickle Factory Crew:

The Pickle Factory Crew is the backbone of Number 1 Sons. A proudly effective team, we handle a variety of tasks daily. Processing vegetables, receiving deliveries, cleaning the Pickle Factory, packing orders for both Pickle Van delivery and pickup at the Pickle Stand, is all part of our regular week. It's a lot and we embrace it! 

Pickle Factory crew are cross-trained in delivery driving as part of our Pickle Van fleet, and in staffing Pickle Stands at local farmers markets. This cross training leads to a resilient, flexible staff who are engaged work as a team and play active roles in every arm of Number 1 Sons. An example of this would be working 2-4 days a week in the Pickle Factory and 1-3 days a week at the Pickle Stand or running a Pickle Van. 

Pickle Factory Crew General Characteristics:

- Punctual 

- Support team and leadership decisions while providing regular feedback and suggesting improvements. 

- Ability to keep an appropriate pace and positive tone. 

- Extreme sense of ownership and creative problem solving. 

- Enthusiasm and desire to learn about fermentation and vinegar pickling!

- Ability to stoop and kneel, lift 60 lbs, and work in humidity, heat, and cold.  

- Reasonable availability. We operate 7 days a week and crew should expect to work at least 1 weekend day.  

We offer:

- Connection to our local food scene from an unique angle. We sell at ~30  farmers markets weekly, partner with and source from local growers’ and producers’, and supply numerous restaurants and bars across the DC area. 

- Enthusiastic, respectful co-workers who give a damn. 

- Delicious kimchi, pickles, kombucha, krauts, et cetera. 

- Monthly share in the staff tip pool. 

- Quarterly gainshare bonus. 

- Healthcare

- Accrued sick leave

- Business finance training

- Raise to $15.50hr after the first two weeks 


Compensation this position is : hourly, $15-20/hr Application instructions Please click here to sign in and view application details.
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