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Dynamic Publisher, Hustle & Chutzpah Number 1 Sons

  • Date Posted September 15, 2020
  • Location Washingon, DC
  • Category Media
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description We're a DC-area "pickle" company. We are focused on direct dealing with each other and with our partners. We meet our fanatical customers at area farmers' markets and via home delivery.

We know that direct, local food economies are the best way to keep dignity, wealth, sustainability and joy at the forefront for all involved within the food system. The work we do is a small step in the evolution of how America eats.

Our crew is a mixture of background and cultures. We meet at the intersections of competence, caring and hustle.

We operate at a human scale and are continually looking for ways to grow with our crew and community.

  Job description

Number 1 Sons seeks a Publisher to craft and implement a communications plan. This would center on creating a rich newsletter for print. You’ll need to be a strong writer, have a keen sense for aesthetics, excel at managing projects independently and in groups and enjoy getting your hands dirty within the local food economy. This is a plate of communications planning and regular writing with a side of operational involvement.


We are seeking to convey; the connectedness of life and living soils and water, the dignity in local food economies, the joys of cooking and setting a table, and why it’s never been a better, more impactful time to be an American eater.


This position is a blend of strategy,, writing and coordinating video/graphic creation, working to create earned media and collaboratively leading our customer service staff of one. You would be in frequent and regular communication with the farmers and producers we work with. We’re a small dynamic company and we all participate in operations regularly. 


To accomplish this the Publisher will work with staff and ownership to find and tell the stories that intersect at our farmers’ market pickle stands, our HQ the “Pickle Factory”, and our home-delivery “Pickle Vans”. It is expected that pulling at these threads will lead all over our food universe.  


Specifics would include:

  • developing our “voice” with company principals
  • managing the production of a newsletter for print and email
  • writing & publishing stories that convey our values
  • light social media work
  • devising and sharing metrics for communications
  • working closely with co-workers to align our offerings and communications with the setons / holidays
  • interviewing farmers and other producers to produce articles
  • working to create a steady stream of earned media


We are growing and maturing the business where it was born, here in DC. That means connecting longtime and newfound customers with our products, projects, people and partners. We started out as a farmers’ market pickle company and we are now doing home delivery.  It’s a lot. There is more to come.


This is a salaried position with benefits. There is a test fit period.


Compensation this position is : salaried, varies DOE, $40,000.00 - $50,000.00 Application instructions Please click here to sign in and view application details.
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