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This job expired on October 27, 2012

Crafter Extraordinaire Vermont Bean Crafters Co

  • Date Posted August 28, 2012
  • Location Mad River Valley, Waitsfield, VT
  • Category Culinary
  • Job Type Part-Time
Job Description


The good folk here at Vermont Bean Crafters take organic vegetables, herbs, and grains grown primarily in the soils of Vermont and New York and turn them into thoughtful, soulful variations of whole food plant-based Yum.

Our business is a blend of catering, event vending, and wholesale value-added food processing for farmers' markets, retailers, and food service. We make it easier for folks to access good health and support the regional agricultural economy. 

Increasingly, we're working with public schools around Vermont and connecting their students with Vermont-grown organic produce. This is one of the fastest growing aspects of the business and certainly one of the most feel-good. As chance would have it, this aspect of the enterprise is where we're looking to add capacity (ie: Need More People Power!). 

[The best way to find out about who we are and what we do is to visit:]


We're in our third year and business is good. We have been fortunate to have excellent luck with a lovely, talented team of crafters to-date. We're confident that you GFJ seekers will continue that trend by joining our team.

Interested parties could find themselves immersed in a commercial production kitchen setting doing primarily food prep occasionally mixed up with epic seasonal locavore catering gigs. 

The bulk of work we need done initially is getting in the mix in the kitchen and processing the britches off local produce every Thursday and Friday for 8-10 hours each day. Good, hard, dependable, meditative work that amounts to thousands of pounds of local organic produce nourishing the bellies of people from all walks of life each week.

What we've outlined so far is Phase 1 of employment.  It wouldn't take long for someone of the proper disposition to find themselves taking on more varied roles.  This would be ideal for us, and hopefully for you too. We'd love to see this part-time kitchen work transition into a full-time multi-faceted position.

Other facets include, but aren't limited to:

  • presenting to K-12 schools on nutrition, alternative proteins, regional agriculture, eating seasonally...

  • setting up and vending at regional farmers markets and a few bigger festivals

  • rep-ping and demo-ing our products at coops, events, and food shows

  • taking on some of the administrative and marketing work-load 

  • helping out in the fields for crop mob harvests

  • prepping, setting up, and serving catered events

Extra responsibilities, of course, equate to extra compensation.

Someone who can commit to most Thursdays and Fridays will strike our fancy. As will someone with culinary and farming backgrounds.

Competence is a must. One ought not be shy. If you whistle whilst washing dishes and can deal with a fusion of blue grass, '80s hits, yogic chanting, and mariachi music in the workplace, please do inquire. If not, it still may be worth getting in touch. Just no Grumps please.

We would love to find an awe-inspiring candidate who could grow to be part of the fabric of VBC. In other words: this need not be a dead-end seasonal gig. But it can be that too, if that's what you're into (and you're great).

Compensation involves a most agreeable base-pay that can be layered with additional commissions if certain goals are met. All that and some real good food to take home each week.

There are of course more details to discuss, but shoot us an email. Resumes in PDF form are strongly encouraged. Cover letters are always helpful, but a descriptive email introduction could suffice.

Top candidates will be asked to come in for a kitchen trial. This means getting right in the mix for at least 2 hours on one of our production days. These trial hours will only be compensated with food, but if you're The One, then we will lump those hours in with your first paycheck.

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This job expired on October 27, 2012
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