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this job's deadline has passed
This job expired on January 16, 2024

Sales and Marketing Manager Caney Fork Farms

  • Date Posted November 17, 2023
  • Location Carthage, TN
  • Category Agriculture / Business
  • Job type Full-Time
Company description

Caney Fork Farms (CFF)  is a diversified regenerative organic farm in middle Tennessee. Our mission is to inspire others with living proof that regenerative organic farming in our region benefits farmers, the environment, and the community. CFF produces mixed vegetables, chestnuts, 100% grass-fed beef and lamb and pasture raised pork and we sell directly to consumers in our region. Our work is centered around the soil with a focus on carbon farming practices that store atmospheric C02 below ground. In addition to farm production we have a robust research program studying different organic agriculture methods and how those methods impact soil health, carbon sequestration and overall agroecosystem health. We organize and share the information we have learned with other stakeholders. 


We are a fun and exciting place to work that is filled with challenges and opportunities to expand your knowledge. We believe in the work we are doing and we take ownership of it. The work environment is communal and nurturing and we believe in having hard conversations, holding each other accountable, and building trust through vulnerability. We foster a safe space for walks of life


We share in the 4 Caney Fork Farms Core Values and the right candidate will as well.

  • Be Good to Each Other
  • Do the Hard Stuff that Matters
  • Honor Relationships
  • Be Curious and Innovative

The Farm is an equal opportunity employer. We will extend equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and related medical conditions), gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, military status, veteran status or any other status protected under applicable federal, state or local laws. Our policy reflects and affirms the Farm’s commitment to the principles of fair employment and the elimination of all discriminatory practices. Details of our equal employment opportunity policies are further explained in Anti-Discrimination & Harassment.

Job description

Sales and Marketing Manager

REPORTING TO:  Farm Director


APPOINTMENT: 75% Sales & 25% Marketing

BENEFITS:  Health, Vision, Dental, Life, $500 Health Spending Card, Employee Discount, Staff Produce/Meat When Available


The Sales and Marketing Manager (SMM) leads the department with two direct reports, one full-time sales associate and one Communications Associate (CA). The SMM leads weekly meetings for each department.

The primary function of the department is to manage all sales processes for DTC and wholesale. The main sales channel is a weekly CSA for meat and vegetables which are picked up locations from Nashville to Carthage. The vegetable boxes are non-customizable while the meat boxes are built out by the sales team. The farms sells at markets, manages a small, but growing, online store, and sells to regional groceries and restaurants. We are in a growth mode working to hit aggressive but achievable sales targets that align with our vision and mission. 

We are currently working on a Wix to Shopify migration to enable a better online store that will provide a home for our CSA subscriptions and other online sales. This will be ready for beta testing by Mid-January. The new SMM will be responsible for finishing the beta-testing and rolling out the site. This will be in close support by the Farm Director as needed and within a robust and healthy environment to take on challenges. 

The marketing role is supported by the CM to manage to the marketing plan. This includes the monthly social media calendar and content, newsletter, SEO relationship, and DTC/Brand Marketing

The SMM oversees the info@ email and serves as the main entry point for communications and primary information filter. The SMM is currently the primary admin on the google account and supports staff with the google ecosystem. Since we are a small community the SMM also oversees the office space and supplies.


  • All sales are fulfilled in a timely manner and in accordance with the needs and desires of the customer
  • Treats all customers with respect
  • Responds to all correspondence in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Ensures meat inventory is carefully and safely handled
  • Ensures meat inventory is accurate and current
  • Achieves the goals set forth by the marketing plan
  • Works to ensure a positive experience for all customers
  • Hitting metrics on Scorecard (KPIs)


  • Dual Job Appointment
  • Retail Sales
    • Organize sales logistics (making sure product gets where it needs to)
    • CSA
      • Internal communication to ensure product is harvested, packed, and delivered correctly
      • Controlling CSA management tool (organizing inventory, availability, timing, locations, deliveries, etc)
      • Ensuring positive customer experience
      • Making changes to accounts on customer’s behalf (payment methods, delivery dates/times)
    • Chestnuts
      • Creating and maintaining online sales channel for chestnuts
      • Maintaining compliance and communication with Whole Foods (wholesale partner for chestnuts)
      • Sorting chestnuts, bagging, creating shipping labels, fulfilling orders, and taking orders to the post office for shipping
      • Troubleshooting online sales issues for customers
    • Managing aggregation relationships 
    • Manage Square 
    • Balance supply and demand of all frozen meat
  • Wholesale
    • Works with Farm Director to develop wholesale leads
    • Once leads are developed and sales are happening the M&S Manager will work directly with the customer to ensure orders and fulfillment are flowing.
  • Marketing
    • Execute marketing through different channels (print magazines, newspapers, online advertising, instagram, facebook, radio, in-person events, etc)
    • Manage Logical Position relationship
    • Ensure is updated and accurate
    • Materials Design (chestnut recipe card, stickers, brochures, business cards, flyers, banners, merchandise)
  • Communications
    • Oversee Communications Associate and work with Farm Director to lead our communication efforts in alignment with our values and vision
  • Product Management
    • Receive and organize product from processor
    • Manage freezer inventory to ensure up-to-date accuracy
  • Team Management
    • Manage Sales Associate
    • Manage Communications Associate


  • Background in sales, CSA management, or other closely related role
  • Understanding of the basics of marketing and a willingness to learn where needed
  • Alignment with company’s core values 
  • Valid Driver’s license needed to fulfill job duties
  • Ability to manage to a budget
  • Highly organized
  • Attention to detail (very important)
  • Great operator with strong follow through
  • Ability to construct tangible solutions
  • Ability to handle chaotic situations safely and effectively
  • Ability to manage employees effectively
  • Ability to communicate with challenging customers
  • Ability to manage multiple sales channels
  • Strong computer skills and understanding of technology
  • Experience with spreadsheet equations and sheet design
  • Ability to use shopify web portal to edit website content
  • Ability to do basic design using Canva
  • Ability to keep an organized calendar


  • 1 Sales Associate
  • 1 Communications Associate (part-time)


Guidelines that will help the team member in this position achieve success and follow company procedures include: 

  • Vision Document (VT/O)
  • Mission and Values Statement 
  • Employee Handbook  
  • Caney Fork Farms Google Drive
  • Sales and Marketing Core Processes
  • Meat Inventory Process Document
  • Adam Danforth “Butchering” Books
  • NAMP Book
  • Canva



  • Ability to lift heavy boxes (up to 60 lbs) safely
  • Ability to work in the 0F freezer for several hours at a time
  • Attention to detail
    • Paying attention to freezer inventory and flow of products in and out of the freezer
  • Ability to drive for multiple hours, several days a week
  • Ability to sit in front of the computer for several hours in a row


  • In the driver’s cab of 2019 Ram 3500 with custom refrigerated unit
  • In the -5ºF freezer
  • In the air-conditioned / heated office
  • In the field when necessary
Compensation this position is : salaried, varies DOE, $45,000.00 - $60,000.00 Application instructions
This job expired on January 16, 2024
DeadlineDecember 10, 2023

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